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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed: Explained!

You start to hear movement under your bed as you wake up.

It looks like your dog was snoozing under your mattress.

It will not leave a small space beneath your bed when you try to remove it.

Why does my dog sleep under my bed?

Your dog sleeps under your bed due to its innate behavior. They love to sleep in small places. Your dog could also be there because of being afraid or having anxiety. But you can change this habit by following some tips. Make it a new home, and treat them for not sleeping under the bed.

If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend you go through the entire article. Let us now begin!

Dogs Sleeping Under Your Bed: Possible Reasons

You’ve likely discovered your dog sleeping under your mattress more than once. It is a haven for her, whether she is resting, sleeping, or hiding. 

Your dog’s love of hiding under your bed must be perplexing. Comfiness is the most common factor. 

You shouldn’t be concerned if your dog exhibits this behavior. Your dog is simply looking for a place to relax in your home.

There are more common causes and consequences of dogs sleeping under your bed.

Let’s check the reasons-

Sense of Security

It is maybe because it feels more secure under the bed. The dog can sleep under the bed to protect itself from above and behind. They think it will give an advantage over their prey to them. 

Even when there’s no leading cause for your dog to be afraid, it may still do it. This is more likely to happen if it has a more submissive personality.


Your dog could also be there because it is afraid of something. This is more likely if it does when there is thunder or loud noises outdoors.

There’s nothing to fear for you when this happens.


Your dog may be feeling threatened. A person or animal nearby, especially while you are angry, increases the likelihood of this. 

It would help to communicate calmly and utilize rewarding training to improve their behavior. Besides, because of anxiety, your dog may stretch much. Don’t scold it.


Dogs frequently sleep underneath the bed. This makes it easier to sleep. Your dog may be doing it because it is more relaxed and darker. 

The under of a bed is quite comfortable; dogs tend to sleep there.

Wants to be Unbothered

Alternatively, your dog may simply be doing it because it doesn’t like being bothered. After a workout or a meal, it’s more probable to sleep in this position. 

Sleeping beneath your bed during the day may also be an indication. Maybe your dog has been having difficulty falling asleep at night. 

Your dog may bark in its sleep because of distraction. At night, it’s essential to keep the place where it sleeps quiet and free of distractions. 

What to Do When Your Dog Is Sleeping Under the Bed?

Dogs who sleep under your bed can be a problem. But don’t worry! There are some remedies you can try.

Make a New Dog House

A new place to sleep might be helpful if it doesn’t currently have a place to go. You can make a dog house of your own. Get a cage for it to use and cover it with a blanket. It’d allow your furry friend to go to its box whenever it wants and feel safe.

To make the new dog house more comfortable, you can use the blankets that are mentioned below:

Product 1
Product 2

Don’t forget to check the material before buying them.

Find a New Spot for Your Pet to Sleep

Using positive reinforcement training to get it to sleep somewhere else could also be helpful. You reward it when it displays symptoms of behaving in a certain way. 

This encourages it to continue doing in that manner. You may do something like this to get it to sleep or lay down in a specific place.

  • Make the place where you want your dog to rest as comfy as possible. 
  • You can get your pup to stay there and praise it.
  • Treat your dog to get it to go to sleep.

Repeat the processes until it becomes accustomed that laying down results in a reward.

Don’t Encourage Bad Behaviour

By praising it when it does so, you may have been influencing it to continue doing so. There are always more options to deal with this problem. 

There are some practical ways to treat your dog without spoiling it. Such as praising your pet when they are sleeping in the desired location. Train them not to lie under the bed.

Reduce the Likelihood of It Being Afraid

As previously indicated, something may be made your dog afraid. If feasible, keeping it in a calmer area would be best. Such as allowing it to sleep in a separate room.

Pet Your Dog Calmly

It would also be beneficial to interact calmly with your dog. Use positive reinforcement training to encourage it to do what it wants. 

Check its health if your dog snores loudly. Bad health is one of the reasons your dog feels agitated.

Check to see if your dog is shying away from life outside their private place under your bed. 

Tips for Keeping Your Dog from Sneaking under the Bed

Keep the following points in mind when figuring out the root cause of your dog’s behavior. The first time your dog slept beneath your bed, what else happened?

If it didn’t always sleep beneath your bed, you might think that if anything else happened. It’s possible that something happened to set things in motion.

Our dog owners are responsible for ensuring that our furry friends are happy. There is no danger for your dog to spend time beneath the bed if it enjoys this. 


What’s the matter with my dog crying under the bed?

A dog sleeps under the bed with fear, illness, or desire for personal space. Your dog may cry because something is wrong if they’ve never done this.

When a dog is dying, do they go into hiding?

Your dog hides when dying because dogs pay heed to their bodies. He is well aware that he is weak and unable to defend himself. This makes him easy prey for predators.

Why shouldn’t you allow your dog to sleep on your bed?

The plague and fleas from your dog can make you sick if it sleeps with you. If you clean them regularly, you can allow them to sleep on your bed.