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Why Does My Dog Sleep At My Feet: 7 Surprising Reasons!

Imagine sitting in a chair outside or watching tv on your couch.

And your dog comes, sits at your feet, and sleeps in that style.

It’s a typical scene for dog owners.

Why does my dog sleep at my feet?

There are several reasons for this behavior of dogs. For some dogs, it can be an instinct. Also, your dog can do this as a part of its affection for you. Some dogs do it because they find it a safe and cozy place. Or else, your behavior might also encourage your dog to do so.

From the small portion above, you might not get the whole idea. For that, we’ve discussed it further in detail. 

Let’s take a tour!

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps at Your Feet

Although commonly, your dog sleeps at your feet, the background story might be interesting. We have pointed out seven reasons behind your dog’s behavior.

Let’s get to know them one by one!

Reason 1: Instinctive Behavior

Dogs have pack instincts. For this reason, they tend to stay close to the pack leader. Now your pet dog instinctively thinks of you as a pack leader.

You can notice the same type of behavior in dog packs. When a pack stops to rest, the leader dog keeps an eye on everything. And the other dogs stay surround him.

Similarly, your dog thinks of you as the leader and stays close to you. That’s why they often sleep at your feet.

Reason 2: Protection

Some pet dogs think of you as their protector. They tend to stay close and sleep at your feet to feel safe.

Sleep is one of the vulnerable times for dogs. Dogs find that place cozy and relaxing for them. Sleeping close to you makes them feel protected.

But this protective feeling is not one-sided. Your dog will also protect you and your surroundings when needed.

Keep in mind that this behavior can be a matter of concern sometimes. For example, if your dog marks other beings close to you as enemies.

Reason 3: Marking the Territory

Dogs like to stay in their territory. Also, they usually don’t let other things intrude on their territory.

As much as your dog belongs to you, you also belong to them. They feel like you’re their human. They don’t like to share you with other animals or human beings. They mark you as a part of their territory as you raise them.

For this reason, they like to stay as close as possible to you. That’s why they sleep at your feet. They might also snore loudly while sleeping peacefully at your feet.

Reason 4: Body Warmth

Your dog might want to stay close to you when they’re feeling a bit chilly. The body heat they get from you might give them much-needed warmth.

This is a common scenario with the smaller breeds. They find it challenging to maintain their body temperature in colder environments. They move around your body and want to stay close.

If this is the reason, they will sleep at your feet to finally settle down.

Reason 5: To Show Love

Dogs are very loving to their owners. They want to show their love in many ways. And they want to stay in intimate contact.

To show their love, they jump around you and give some licks on your hands or ears. Also, they try to play with you, nuzzle you, etc.

Apart from all of these, they stay close and sleep at your feet. They feel like it will make you feel loved by them.

That’s why they sleep at your feet to show you their love.

Reason 6: Anxiety of Separation

Your dog might get anxious when you’re not around your dog. Also, your dog might want to know when you go out or move around.

As a part of it, they sleep at your feet. By this, they can notice when you go out. They can show signs of anxiety as well at that time.

To solve this, you can take some measures. For example, you can let your dog pee before going out. Or else, you can give your dog a comfortable place to sleep. 

You can also feed your dog before going out or while moving around.

On that note, if you need good quality dog food, here are some suggestions. Please have a look:

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These foods will keep your dog busy enough to let it allow you to go out.

Reason 7: In Case You Need Them

Dogs are cautious about their owners’ behavior. They understand when you’re sad, happy, excited, or scared.

When they can sense that you’re not in your everyday mood, they want to help. They stay close to you to make you feel better. They think that you’ll feel better about their affection.

As a part of it, sometimes they sleep at your feet.

These are the seven reasons why your dog sleeps at your feet. We hope now you get it all.

How to Stop Your Dog From Sleeping at Your Feet?

You might not always like your dog sleeping at your feet, especially if they bark while sleeping. That’s why we have some tips to stop your dog from doing that. The tips are listed below:

  • Prepare your dog for a separate sleeping place. Reward it for staying there. For that, it develops the habit of sleeping there.
  • Slightly ignore your dog while doing it. Don’t encourage your dog to develop such a habit. The dog will understand doing it won’t get attention.
  • Train your dog to understand who is close to you. Thus you won’t feel left out and ignored when others are around you. And it won’t sleep at your feet often.

Following these steps can hinder your dog from sleeping at your feet.


Should you allow your dog to sleep with you?

Generally, sharing your bed with your dog is not good because there’s a high chance that it will transmit illness and various diseases.

Why does my dog sit at my place when I leave?

There are various reasons for this. Dogs feel warm sitting in that place; they feel dominant. Also, they do it to save that spot for you when you return.

Is it normal if my dog doesn’t sit at my feet?

Yes, it’s completely normal. Maybe your dog likes to show affection in other ways. So it doesn’t sit or sleep at your feet.