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Why Does My Dog Scratch The Floor: 7 Reasons & Solutions

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Majid Tanveer, DVM

Have you ever seen your dog scratching your carpets or floors?

This is a regular sight among dog owners.

Unfortunately, the majority of them are unaware of the reason.

Boredom is the most straightforward explanation—this aids in their self-entertainment. Scratching at the ground also helps to regulate the dog’s temperature and resting space. Dogs sweat through their paw pads. Some people believe they use that scent of sweat to mark their territory.

There are a variety of viewpoints from a variety of sources and specialists on this topic.

Are you interested in learning more about the causes of this behavior?

Let’s look at the case in more detail!

4 Reasons Why My Pooch is Scratching the Floor

Dogs scratching or digging is not anything to be worried about. I have listed a few reasons why dogs scratch the floor.

Reason 1: Your Dog is Bored

Some dogs seem to be having fun. Amusement is the most straightforward reason for this scratching behavior. I enjoy scratching and digging; dogs even scratch bedsheets for fun.

If your pet wants to burn some calories, your canine seeks ways to do so. Your dog is more inclined to scratch and digs if it feels boring.

Reason 2: Your Dog is Looking for Some Quiet

We all know how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the floor. This scratching helps them establish a more comfortable “homey” posture on the ground.

Scratching an area to expose the colder area for a bed may be an idea for your pet. That usually happens if the weather is warm. And the ground is too warm to lie down peacefully. 

Reason 3: Territory Marking

Dogs and puppies sweat from the pads of their paws. Some people believe scratching is a territorial behavior as a result of this. Scratching behavior may also be influenced by territorial marking.

Sweat is produced by glands located on the bottom of the paws. It releases a distinct aroma when your dog scratches the ground or the floor. 

This scent serves as a means for your dog to demarcate its area.

Reason 4: Your Dog Is Pregnant

Nesting is an indication that a pregnant dog is about to give birth. They need to make a den in which to give birth.

They desire to be alone because they fear predators may harm them and their pups. Because the puppies need safety from the environment.

What Causes My Dog to Scratch the Floor Late at Night

A dog scratching the floor in the middle of the night might indicate various issues. It may range from anxiousness to a medical ailment. 

You should figure out what’s driving your pet to scratch your flooring at night. The following are some of the most common reasons for this behavior.

Reason 1: For Comfort and Safety

Nesting is one of the most likely reasons a dog claws the floor at night. It’s the same reason dogs search for covers to sleep under them. 

They scratch before deciding to sleep for the night because they want to be in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Dogs, like humans, need their private place. They need to get somewhere quiet and dark where they’ll be alone. They use their nest as a haven when worried, frightened, or overwhelmed.

Reason 2: Your Dog Has Nighttime Anxiety

Anxiety throughout the night might cause your dog to scratch your flooring. If you’ve just relocated your room or residence, this may generate worry, which leads to rubbing.

Another typical problem is that you are sleeping and not paying attention to the dog, making them feel unsafe. For example, thunder or lightning might induce anxiety.

Another cause of anxiety is the new people’s or pets’ arrival in your house. Your dog might feel more anxious, If you have a visitor staying with you. Because a dog is territorial, the anxiousness may manifest by scratching your floor.

Reason 3: Your Dog is Injured or Hurting 

Certain medical conditions may drive your dog to behave destructively. Both people and dogs are stressed by pain.

Your dog may get anxious if he is in pain. This is done to alleviate the pain and tension. The more stressed your dog becomes, the more likely he is to scratch the floor.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Scratches the Floor

Are you trying all you can to avoid scratching but having no luck? Then it’s possible that an underlying medical condition is to blame. You must make an appointment with your dog’s veterinarian for a checkup. 

Let’s see if there’s anything more you can do!

Buy a Dog Bed for Your Pet

Get your dog its dog bed to keep them from clawing at night. Dogs prefer dog beds with elevated sides and those that are circular. 

The raised borders of the spherical bed give it the appearance of a nest or lair. When clawing the floor, one dog is attempting to replicate.

These dog beds are well-reviewed and are of good quality. These should give your dog all the comfort it needs.

Praising your dog for sleeping on its bed is also crucial. When your dog goes into their bed, give them some goodies to let them know it’s a beautiful thing.

Ensure Daily Exercise

Ensure that your dog has lots of opportunities to play throughout the day. Your canine needs to be played with and exercised regularly. To get rid of that surplus energy.

Because the dog will be tired, he will be less likely to spend his excess energy clawing your flooring.

Consult a Veterinarian

The worst-case situation for your dog scratching or digging excessively might be medical. Several medical conditions can cause reckless behavior in dogs. 

Scratching and digging have been some of the most noticeable of these habits.

If you’re concerned that the behavior is medical, your veterinarian can assist you.

Fear and worry might be another concern for your dog’s scratching. Things like being afraid of a storm or having visitors in the house might make your dog want to flee.

They do it for harmless reasons, just like they stare at space. This need to flee may lead to clawing and digging at the floor to find a way out. Take your canine to a veterinarian to discuss ways to help your pet cope with it.,


Why is my dog clawing the carpet?

Canines claw the carpet or mattress in the mid-night. This happens because of their innate digging tendency. Dogs dig the rug to make a cozy resting space for them at night because they want to feel safe and secure when they sleep.

Can dogs damage wood floors?

Yes, dogs have the potential to harm hardwood flooring—especially the puppies. On a wooden floor, dogs may easily have an accident. A dog lover will gladly take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening.

Is it possible to declaw my dog?

Yes, dogs can be declawed. But declawing in dogs should only be done for medical reasons. Such as diseases affecting the paws.