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Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets: Explained!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and saw your dog scratching the bed? If you have a dog in your house you are likely to spot some strange behaviors.

Scratching the bed is common to most of the breed. Even though you have a trained pet they will always start digging the yard or scratch the bed. 

Why does my dog scratch my bed?

Your dog scratches its bed to mark its territory. It can also be from a hunting instinct. Not only that, nesting is another reason. We need to know from where your dog learned these kinds of behaviors. Again, your dog can be curious. Sometimes, the weather can also be a reason behind it.

Let’s not waste any more time. Because many pet parents are on your spot! Let’s go for the explanation of the facts.

Keep in mind that these behaviors are mostly instinctual.

How Did My Dog Learn This Behavior?

If you observe your dog you will see them scratching the bed once in a while. It’s natural to be worried when you see these behaviors.

But let’s not jump to a conclusion without having the proper knowledge. We say it’s normal for your dog. But you might ask how is it normal and from where this behavior came from?

Let’s hear it! Before dogs were pets they used to roam around in the wild. The wildlife is not easy to survive. Dogs needed protection from heat, cold, and other animals.

Now, most dog breeds are pets. And they don’t need to protect themselves from these types of situations. But still, from a natural instinct, they start scratching the bed.

To reflect on these behaviors and to feel comfortable & safe they do these. Let’s jump into the facts!

My Dog Scratching Bed: Facts Explained!

We mentioned above that the main factor behind this is natural instinct. But the big question “Why” still remains. 

We have gathered some facts to prove our point.

Fact 1: Marking the Dogs Territory

Do you know your dog produces a unique scent from the bottom of its feet? It does. When a dog rubs their feet repeatedly on a specific place it means they’re marking its territory. 

You might ask why my bed? Because the dog wants their smell on the bed sheet so that other dogs stay away from it.

We like a fresh bed sheet from the laundry. But dogs do not like that smell. 

Dogs want their scent to be dominant. That is the reason behind scratching your bed.

Your dog might urinate on your bed to mark its territory.

Fact 2: Your Dog is Curious 

Dogs tend to be curious about anything and everything. And they love to investigate something they find fishy.

Because of curiosity dogs are trying to dig or scratch your bed. When you pull up a new bed sheet they will try to learn more about it.

Your dog will always want to make sure if something is a threat or not. To ensure their safety they will jump on your bed sheet and start scratching.

Some dogs are bred to be curious. The dogs are bred to find out and hunt down pests or small insects. Your little pal is protecting you from the monsters under your bed.

All jokes apart let’s move on to the next fact.

Fact 3: Nesting for The Puppies

Does your dog have puppies? Or pregnant? Dogs have a maternal instinct to create a comfortable nest for their puppies or before they arrive.

This nesting behavior is very common among female dogs. But the male dogs also do it sometimes to find comfort.

They also tend to lick the bedsheet and suck your blanket. This ensures them a protective environment. 

To avoid sucking the blanket, give the chewing toys, here we have recommended some:

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Nesting will make the dog scratch the bed and make it comfortable. They will try to dig inside the bedsheet. You can avoid dogs sucking the blanket in this way.

To ensure the full safety of the puppies they do this. Keep in mind that if your dog is not pregnant or it doesn’t have any puppies then they are just finding comfort.

Fact 4: Protection From Hot/Cold Temperature

If you have very hot/very cold weather your dog might not like it. 

If the dog is freezing it will try to scratch the bed. Scratching will make the bed warmer for them. 

If you have hot weather they will seem to protect themselves from the sun. They will scratch the bed until they are comfortable.

Dogs sometimes scratch to get underneath the bed sheet or to sleep under covers.

If you see your dog scratching the bed for shelter. Protect it from the temperature.

Fact 5: Hunting Instincts

This is one of the ancient behaviors. If your dog breed is known for hunting you will see scratching the bed more often.

We know your bed doesn’t have anything but still from the natural hunting instinct your dog will scratch.

But the question might arise, what can I do when my dog is scratching the bed? Let’s hear it out.

What Can I Do When My Dog is Scratching My Bed?

Your dog is an adorable creature. They don’t know what they do most of the time. Sometimes some habits can be destructive. 

Let’s not make this a nightmare for you. Let’s take some measures so that you and the dog both enjoy it.

Take care of your dog’s nails. Trim them every 3 to 4 weeks. This will make scratching the bed less destructive.

If your dog is scratching the bed out of boredom give it something to play with.

Finally, get a more durable and comfortable bed. It will be a good idea for both you and your dog. 

It will be a great decision if you invest in a dog bed.


Question: Why does my dog stare at me?

Answer: Dogs will stare at you when they adore you. If your dog is staring at you that means they are expressing affection. This is an important role for dogs to bond.

Question: Why does my dog put his paw on me?

Answer: Dogs put their paw on you to extend contact and to reciprocate affection back. It is a way of them saying “I love you”.

Question: Why is my dog lifting its leg when I pet it?

Answer: When you pet your dog it activates nerves under his skin that are connected to the spinal cord. It kicks or shakes the leg to get rid of the irritant. It is called scratch reflex.


We have described all about why my dog scratches my bed sheets. Now you know that these behaviors are just instinctual. 

One last tip. Do not try to eliminate these behaviors, rather try to minimize them. Let’s not have any damages caused by these behaviors. 

Have a good day!