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Why Does My Dog Roll In The Grass [6 Common Reasons]

Most dogs love playing indoors. Especially on a green yard filled with grass.

It brings out their joy and liveliness.

Some dogs love it even more than humans do.

It’s not rare to see them playing all covered in grass sometimes.

Why does my dog roll in the grass?

There could be diverse reasons why dogs love rolling on the grass bed. They mostly do it out of their instinct. Sometimes they purposefully do it to mask the scent of shampoo with grass. Declaring their territorial region can also be a reason. But if it’s an obsession, that’s concerning.

That’s the summary. To know the details, keep reading till the end.

Let’s begin!

Is It Normal That Dogs Roll In The Grass?

Yes, it’s entirely natural for dogs to roll in the grass. Similar to dogs licking the air, it’s more like natural behavior. Indeed you have seen dogs do this one or a few more times.

If your pet also does this, don’t be surprised. It’s quite a normal thing for dogs usually. But if it bothers you, train your dog to discourage doing it. 

If you can’t make any progress, then hiring a professional dog trainer might help. They’ll know what to do.

Reasons Why Dogs Roll In The Grass

There are several reasons why dogs keep rolling in the grass. Let’s unravel them one by one. Maybe you’ll find out the reason why your pet keeps doing this.

Reason 1: Covering Up Their Scent

Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Since they’re a predatory race, it’s naturally embedded in their behavior to camouflage their scent. This is why they were used for hunting purposes in primitive times. It is the same even now. It’s naturally embedded in their behavior to camouflage their scent.

If your fur baby is rolling in the grass, this could be on purpose. Even if it isn’t a hunting dog, this can happen. Since it’s in its nature, this can happen. Also, what smells good to us, might smell nasty to them.

They might hate it if you’re bathing your dog with scented shampoo or soap. Probably they want to cover up that smell with something else. And in this case, it’s the grass or muddy scent it prefers.

That’s why it’s best to use unscented cleaning products for your pet dogs. Confused about which one to get for your feline buddy? Try these mentioned products below:

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If your dog repeated this behavior for the scent, it must’ve stopped by now.

Reason 2: Marking Their Territory

Have you ever heard predatory animals have a knack for marking their territory? It’s to let other animals know they were in a particular area. Or a sure thing belongs to them.

They have their natural scent. And they tend to rub it on the things that they possess. You’ll see them display a similar action with their toys or beds. They’ll rub their body to mix their smell on it.

The reason behind rolling in a grassy field could also be for this. They leave their scent in the grass to let other animals know its presence. 

Reason 3: Allergy Or Irritation

Apart from instinct, they could repeat this act to elevate itching sensations because dogs can’t use their paws to scratch their back. They might be rolling in the grass to deal with this issue.

If your dog keeps rubbing their body in grass more than often, then it’s concerning. Look for any sign of allergy or insect infection on their skin. Take them to a vet if it’s due to a skin issue.

Reason 4: Because It Feels Great

Dogs love running and playing in the wild. It’s not surprising to see their fur soaked in muddy water. Or getting them covered in the grass while playing.

It’s because they feel great and excited to do so. But it might become a problem if they come back stinking like poop. Some dogs especially like stinky mud. 

It’s even more problematic if they lick mud. Dogs lick floors sometimes. It’s similar to that. If this becomes an issue, train them not to do it. 

Show them that you’re displeased with their actions. If that doesn’t work, then consult with a professional trainer. 

Reason 5: Relieving Discomfort

Laying on the cool, damp grass on hot summer days can be pretty refreshing. It goes for not only humans but also animals. You may see your dog rubbing in the grass after playing.

It might be because they’re trying to chill on the cold grass. It can be exceptionally comforting for them after some running and jumping. 

Be careful that they don’t feed on anything on the ground. Dogs eat rocks sometimes. It can be fatal to them.

Reason 6: Obsession

Some dogs can be obsessed with rolling over grassy areas. You can determine the obsessive behavior if you see them outdoors most of the time. In the case of obsession, dogs show fascination while playing in the grass.

They tend to care about nothing but searching for grass. This kind of obsession could be troublesome. There could be any psychological reason why your dog keeps doing it.

If you suspect your dog’s obsession, do consult with a veteran. If necessary, hire a professional dog trainer as well. Do not undermine it.

Because it could be a symptom of canine compulsive obsessive disorder (OCD). Professional dog trainers know how to deal with the obsessive disorder of your feline buddy.


Can rolling in the grass mean communication with dogs?

Yes, communication can also be a reason. Sometimes dogs leave their scent in the grass to communicate with other dogs. It is to inform them about their appearance in a particular place. This could be a form of communication as well.

Should I be concerned if my dog rolls in the grass?

Dogs rolling over the grass isn’t something you need to be worried about. It’s harmless unless your dog has an obsession with it. It could also be problematic if your dog brings dirt into the home. It’s unhealthy so you may keep your dog in check.

Do dogs like grass scents?

Yes, most dogs do. This is another common reason why they tend to rub themselves on grass. They want to carry the muddy grass scent on their body. Some dogs specifically favor stinky grasses. Rubbing them on stinky grasses can be problematic.