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Why Does My Dog Push His Food With His Nose [6 Reasons & Prevention]

It can be very confusing when you see your dog pushing his food with his nose.

It might be a matter of concern if your dogs face any issues. 

Why does my dog push his food with his nose? 

It can be because he is in a playful mood. Or it can be because he is trying to grab your attention. Another reason can be him trying to save his food for later. Boredom can also be a reason to do that. Or there might be some health issue you should be concerned about. 

Whatever the reason, don’t get dizzy just yet. This article is to clear your head out.

Read along!

Why Your Dog Pushes Food With His Nose: 6 Reasons Explained!

Most pups are impatient when it’s meal time. They are hungry and want their meal if your puppy doesn’t eat right away and instead tries to push his bowl around.

He might not be starting to feel well. Or he might be thinking about something other than food because your pet cannot justify his conduct. Behavioral experts have proposed bowl attempts to push theories.

According to these notes, your dog may be throwing his bowl away. To entice you to play with him or to pay attention to him. If he finds out, he gets more attention than by doing that behavior.

Dogs are always nudging their food. They’re suddenly behaving strangely with their food. And you might be thinking, what’s wrong with them?

This issue is vast because there could be numerous explanations for your dog’s behavior.

Reason 1: Because of Your Dog’s Inquisitiveness

A dog’s curiosity is evident in its actions, similar to how kids develop an interest in seemingly unrelated topics. 

For example, your licking of furniture and shoes. And you can say it’s their habitual personality. Which frequently results from the jolt of their heightened senses.

Their sense of smell, for example, makes them intrigued about their meal. If they keep poking their food and sniffing it, you can tell they’re intrigued.

As though they’re attempting to figure out what’s inside by smelling it.

Reason 2: Your Dogs Are In A Playful Mood

Because he is in a playful mood, your dog may be pushing the bowl with his nose. In that scenario, he wants to pique your interest even more. That is why he is attempting to do so.

Furthermore, several dog breeds have a habit of playing with their food. They enjoy playing with their food in the same way that children do. 

They show other behavior like licking other dogs or sitting on other dogs. 

Reason 3: They’re Putting It Away for Later

When your puppy exhibits this behavior, it usually indicates that he is not hungry at the time. If they are not hungry, they typically nose away from their meal alternatively if they wish to store the feed for later.

In that scenario, keep a watchful eye on your dog. 

Later on, he either takes the food or noses it away. If he eats the food later, that could be the end of it. He was putting the meal aside for the latter.

Reason 4: Your Pup Is A Choosy Eater

Your dog might avoid the food because they prefer the suitable one. And they are isolating themselves from those they despise. This is analogous to youngsters removing vegetables from the food they’re eating.

The pup can be picky about their meal as well. And this may be due to their demerits in test buds.

Reason 5: Because of Boredom

Has your dog been dormant? That can be a reason behind your dog’s boredom. He might be doing other things, like scratching the floor. This could also explain why they push their meal with their nose. 

Under-stimulation is a common cause of dog boredom because their minds aren’t getting enough activity.

On account of lack of action, training, or play. Your dog may be pushing their food because it relieves boredom.

They could be having fun with it by poking it. Simply for the sake of doing something unusual.

Reason 6: Because of A Health Problem

Your dog may also avoid their food because of a lack of hunger. However, you can just manage your appetite or intentions yourself. When you’re fed excellent food, you feel the same way. 

But, a decrease in or lack of appetite is a secondary sensation. There is always an underlying cause for both us and dogs. 

What may be the reason for a dog’s lack of appetite?

 Here some of few examples given below:

  • Nausea.
  • Illnesses.
  • Overfeeding.
  • Dental problems.
  • Stomach issues
  • Recent immunizations
  • Travelling’s effects (mainly if they’re not acclimated to it).

You can do many things to keep your dogs from engaging in this behavior.

How Can I Keep My Dog From Pushing His Food With His Nose

It can be extraordinary when you notice your dog pushing food with his nose. But don’t worry, you can avoid this with a few simple measures. This is what you’ll be doing.

Method 1: Do Not Encourage the Behavior

Suppose your dogs behave this way to get your attention or a treat from you. This behavior can thus be prevented by ignoring them or not engaging them.

If he gets his way, he will serve to reinforce his conduct. If you want to keep him from lying to you, you must avoid pushing him. 

You could also use a heavier bowl, so he doesn’t try to push it.

Method 2: Positive Reinforcement

By reinforcement, your pup can be trained to obey you. You can also direct him to sleep in a suitable spot.

Reward your dog for obeying all commands. Treating is the only way of reinforcing teaching. It will inspire him and have a favorable impact on him.

You can provide vitamin-enriched treats or nutritious snack crackers to your dog. There are several goods on the market from which to select. 

Don’t worry; we’ve chosen some of the best items for you right here:

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These items contain vitamins and minerals, which will significantly help your dog’s nutrition. They can also be a delicious treat for your dog.

Method 3: Contact a Vet 

Suppose your dog exhibits this habit and is a bit compulsive. Then it’s ideal if you consult a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will assist him in breaking free from his obsessive addiction.

We’ve addressed all of the essential topics on this subject. We hope it helps provide you with crucial information.


Why do dogs try to turn their food bowls upside down?

There are so many reasons why your dog frequently flips his food bowl. He may be foraging; it can also be an attempt to save the food from the danger that he believes is in your home.

Why is my dog attempting to bury my baby?

Your dog tries to bury your baby because their ancestors instilled this behavior in them. In the wild, their forefathers frequently buried food to keep it safe from other predators (a practice known as ‘caching’).

Why does my dog attempt to bury his face in my chest?

When a pup senses that you are sad or anxious, it may bury its top to make you feel at ease. When puppies are scared, they will bury their top in you to seek shelter and safety.

Bottom Line

Thanks a lot for tagging with us to the end. I hope you know why your dog pushes his food with his nose

Being a dog owner, you shouldn’t ignore any fact or sign that your dog shows. Because in that way, dogs try to communicate with you. 

Best of luck!