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Why Does My Dog Lick My Pillow: 4 Reasons Explained!

It can be very frustrating when you try relaxing on your couch or bed.

But you find your pillow is wet with your dog’s saliva.

You might be wondering if this is a sign of something terrible.

Why does my dog lick my pillow? 

There can be many reasons for your dog to lick your pillow. It can be because he seems to like the taste of the pillow. Also, to fulfil the body requires salt. Another reason could be a neurological disorder like compulsive behavior. Or it can be because of separation anxiety.

You might still be pretty much confused about why your dog does so.

Don’t worry; we have prepared a whole article to help you. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump on for more details! 

Dog Licks My Pillow: 4 Reasons Why!

There can be so many reasons why your dog licks your pillow. You might be guessing one or two yourselves.

Is he trying to taste something on my pillow? This can be a good reason for them to give your pillow a silva bath. 

There can be other behavior issues with the dogs. And some dogs can behave that way without any reason. 

But to conclude, why he is doing this, you have to check for specific clues. For every reason, you will get a hint if you check. And by solving that problem, you can probably change your dog’s behavior. 

But you have to be very cautious. It can turn out to be a psychological disease for your dog. But mostly, these behaviors can be ignored. 

Here we have tried to drown out some common reasons why your dog licks your pillow. 

Reason 1: To Taste The Pillow

Your dog may like the taste of your pillow. It’s not like you have dropped some food on it. But your pillow contains most of your dead skin cells, hair dandruff, and sweat. 

And in most cases, these cells or dandruff provide a salty taste to your pillow. And it can be a reason for your dog to lick your pillow. 

If you notice your dog is licking your pillow rapidly and extensively. Then there might be some issues with your dog’s diet.

Suppose you have a recent change in your dog’s diet. Then there might be some lacking in your dog’s diet. Or this diet is unable to fulfil the craving of your dogs. 

In that case, your dog might lick your pillow to fulfil the salt of his body craving. This is called pica disorder in dogs. This happens when a dog randomly licks or eats non-edible things to meet the nutrition deficiency.

It is also seen that a dog is licking shoes. Or even in some cases, to fulfil the nutrition, they eat grass.

Reason 2: For Separation Anxiety

Most vets state that dogs with separation anxiety commonly lick the owner’s belongings. And the pillow gets the most attention in that way.

Because you spent 6 to 8 hours sleeping on that pillow. And that’s why the pillow got your scent all over it. It can be a reason for your dog to lick your pillow. 

In most cases, when you are not home, your dog does this thing. Spend time and lick your pillow or belongings. 

That means your dog is missing you. That can also be an indication of your dog having separation anxiety.

In that case, after returning home, you will notice your pillow wet from silva. 

Reason 3: Because of Compulsive Behavior

In general, you will notice some compulsive behavior among dogs. Some start a specific behavior, like licking a pillow. And then they seem to continue this behavior excessively.

It seems like they want to stop this behavior but can’t. And when you notice these types of clues in your dog. 

You may need to visit your vet. There might be some neurological issues in your dog. So in another way, you can say licking your pillow can signify compulsive behavior in your dogs. 

Also, certain compulsive behaviors can be harmful to your dog. In that case, licking your pillow might be a minor issue. But still, you need to console your vet if there are any significant reasons behind the scene. 

There can be some other reason behind your dog licking your pillow. Don’t just conclude yet. 

Reason 4: For Rewards or Treats

You might reward him by feeding him fries to prevent him from licking pillows. But on the other hand, this might be pushing this behavior.

Your rewards can be a reason behind your dog licking your pillow. He might even think that you are rewarding him for licking it.

Sometimes, attention can also reward a dog when he licks your pillow. If you give him attention, that also influences his behavior.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Licking Your Pillow?

You can easily prevent your dog from licking your pillow. Or, with some simple precautions, you can easily control your dog’s behavior.

Here we have discussed some of this behavior you can follow.

Check for Diet

Suppose your dog is having an issue with the diet. Then you can change his diet or add some healthy fruits. Speaking of fruits, you can try feeding your dog some fresh mangoes or pears.

This will naturally recover his nutrition deficiency. And as a result, this will change his behavior of licking your pillow.

You can add some vitamins and supplements to his diet, also. Followed by the suggestion of your vet. 

Here are some vitamins and supplements that you can try including in your dog’s diet. These products are recommended mainly by renowned vets:

Product 01
Product 02 

These vitamins and supplements are rich in their quality. And will help your dog to overcome nutritional deficiency. You can add some home remedies also, like feeding them cinnamon.

Consult a Vet for Separation Anxiety or Compulsive Behavior

Suppose your dog is having excessive separation anxiety or compulsive behavior. Then you should consult a vet. 

Your vet will take appropriate treatment to help your dogs out. And it will help your dog to let go of these behaviors.

In some cases licking your pillow might not be a big deal. If you regularly wash your pillow cover, that can deal with the problem. 


What does it mean if your dog licks clothing or fabric? 

Most of the time, dogs express their affection through licking. But when it comes to clothes or fabric, it’s alarming. It can indicate that your dog is stressed or nervous. When dogs get anxious or stressed, they lick fabric. It can also be because of the delicious laundry detergent. 

Do dogs feel better after bathing? 

No, dogs get crazy after having a bath. It’s because of their instinctual desire to stay in a familiar scent. You may call it post-bath hyperactivity or FRAP.

Do dogs like cold baths? 

No, dogs don’t like cold baths. They don’t like showers at all. So, naturally, they don’t like hot baths either. Also, their skin is susceptible. So, the water should be lukewarm. Cold water for a bath can be more uncomfortable for dogs than you.