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Why Does My Dog Lick The Furniture [6 Reason & Prevention]

It can be very confusing when you see your buddy is trying to lick the furniture. It seems so odd. And you might be wondering why he is doing that, furniture doesn’t have any taste either. 

Why does my dog lick the furniture?

There can be many things behind your dog’s furniture licking. It can be because of scent identification or it can be boredom. It can also be because of anxiety or nutritional deficiency. Another possibility is extensive compulsive behavior or neurological disorder can also be responsible. 

Don’t get dizzy on that note. Read the whole article and clear your head out!

6 Reasons Why My Dogs Lick the Furniture

Let’s say, lately there’s a new puppy in the house. Then immediately you’ll notice that she licks everywhere. However, one of the strangest things it frequently chews is the furniture.

It is normal to scratch the floor or lick the floor to obtain delight. But why would she lick the couch if it doesn’t taste good?

We are aware that dogs enjoy licking their claws. And, on occasion, squishy objects around, like the carpeting or the couches. They lick own self with their mouths to express their human adoration. 

But, observe if your dog licks the furniture on a regular and consistent basis. There could be more serious reasons. 

Is your dog licking the couch, your favorite chair, bed cushions, and other substrates?

It’s most likely not because the couch is smeared with snacks. Perhaps this isn’t always the case. Licking the furnishings can indicate nervousness, tension, or even a health ailment.

Here I have described the most probable explanations for why your dog chews furniture.

Reason 1: Because of Scent

A dog can obsessively lick specific furniture, such as your favorite chair or its sleeping mat. Because the item’s fabric has a special aroma that he triggers by licking it. 

The dog may be activating his scent to satisfy himself that he is in the correct location.

Ideally, dogs will begin licking the furniture because it includes your or someone else’s scent. This behavior could be a gesture of devotion to demonstrate that the dog adores you. 

Your pup may simply be chewing the furniture just to enjoy the flavor of the fabric. Like when your dog licks your pillow.

It’s possible that your dog sniffed out some food particles embedded in the fabric. A dog’s sense of smell is unparalleled. And can find an appealing fragrance from its favorite reward. 

But, because the particles are so deep in the fabric, finding the source can be difficult.

Reason 2: Because of Boredom

Your dog may have chosen a chair, floor, or sofa to lick out of boredom. A behavior that has progressed to being harmful and compulsive.

Dogs lick to pass the time when they are bored. Leaving your dog at home alone for a long time, he may feel bored. It may lick anything in its vicinity to pass the time until you arrive. 

It may also lick because the texture of the chair resembles your skin. And provides some consolation in your absence.

Reason 3: Because of Anxiety

Is there anything that could be causing your pet tension and anxiety? Your pet may be licking the sofa because the soft fabric provides an outlet for his emotions.

Aside from that, the dog may be sucking for comfort and as a coping strategy. Just as humans need a massage to relax from time to time. 

You may look for other symptoms like if he licks his lips so much. 

Reason 4: Because of Nutritional Deficiency

You may have recently modified your dog’s nutrition. And there are some in your dog’s diet that are deficient. That’s why he prefers to satisfy the void by licking the couch, sofa, or fabric-like furniture.

When dogs are nutritionally deficient, they usually try to recover by chewing grass. That is if your dog is unable to go outside. He will attempt to lick cloth or fabrics such as furniture.

Reason 5: Because of Compulsive Behavior Or Neurological Behavior

You can determine whether your dog’s licking is problematic or not. You can do this only by simply observing him. The behavior is frequent every day and licking for a very long period of time.  

Dogs can practically put their jaws on whatever they see or come into contact with. Including you or your furnishings.

Dogs can also suffer from neurological issues, often known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). As with any other ailment, this condition changes a dog’s awareness. And may cause your dog to chew anything.

Reason 6: Because of Irritation

Irritability and sensitivity can cause your dog to do strange things for relief. Such as licking the floor and furniture.

Insects such as mites, giardia, and fleas might annoy your dog. That causes it to lick your furniture to relieve the itching. Alternatively, inflammation may be caused by dietary allergies.

How Do I Prevent My Dog Licking Furniture

It can be very weird when you see your pup licking the furniture. And most annoying when you sit on the couch. And guess what? Your couch is wet with your dog’s saliva. 

But it’s ok, you can prevent this with some simple steps. 

Here’s what you will be doing:

Method 1: Avoid Encouraging this Behavior

If your dogs are acting this way to attract your attention or treat you. Then, by avoiding them or not treating them, this behavior can be avoided.

If he receives what he wants, he will just reinforce his behavior. 

Method 2: Positive Reinforcement Training

Reinforcement training can teach your pup to obey your commands. And by doing so, you can direct him to not lick the furniture.

The only method to reinforce training is to treat. Reward your dog for following every command. It will motivate him and affect him in a positive way.

You can give your dog some vitamin-enriched treats or healthy treat biscuits. There are numerous treats available on the market from which to choose. 

Don’t be confused; we’ve gathered some of the top ones for you right here:

Product 01
Product 02

These items will be a big help to your dog’s nutrition. Also, this could be a mouth watery treat for your pup.

Method 3: Consult a Vet

If your dog exhibits this behavior and is a bit compulsive. Then it’s preferable if you console a veteran. Your veterinarian will take the necessary safeguards to help him leave this compulsive behavior.

We’ve covered all of the major points on this subject. We hope it will be helpful to get basic information.


Question: What exactly does it signify when a dog licks anything?

Answer: Dogs lick to relieve inflamed skin. This can be caused by a skin problem, an allergic reaction or an injury. It can also be used to alleviate discomfort from illnesses such as arthritis.

Question: Is it okay to give Tums to my dog?

Answer: The simple answer is, yes. You can give tums to your dog for digestive troubles. And it may provide temporary comfort, but it is not the most effective treatment option.

Question: What causes dogs to kick after they poop?

Answer: By kicking up dirt, they combine the aroma of the bathroom with the pheromones. These pheromones are released by their foot glands. And used to create a single strong scent. Furthermore, the disturbed grass serves as a visual cue to other canines. That they are in someone else’s territory.

Bottom Line

Thanks a lot for tagging with us to the end. Hope now you know why does my dog lick the furniture. 

Being a dog owner you shouldn’t ignore any fact or sign that your dog shows. Because in that way dogs try to communicate with you. 
Best of luck!