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Why Does My Dog Lick the Couch All the Time: 5 Causes & Cures

Owning a dog has both perks and problems.

Licking things is one of the common problems.

And the couch is one of the things that dogs like to lick.

Why does my dog lick the couch all the time?

Your dog can lick the couch to find some tasty treats there. He might like the taste of the couch. Also, dogs get rid of boredom by licking the couch. Sometimes vitamin deficiency is the reason behind this. Licking the couch is regarded as a bad habit. But often, it is a sign of sickness in the dog.

This is just a preview of the whole part. We’ve discussed all the reasons below with solutions. 

Let’s get started!

Why Does My Dog Lick The Couch All the Time?

Licking is a very known habit of dogs. Dogs tend to lick floors and other things quite often. They can lick couches too. 

But if your dog licks the couch too much, you must consider the reasons. Below we will show you some probable reasons the dog might lick your couch.

Reason 1: Likes the Taste of the Couch 

The main reason dogs often lick couches is the taste of the couch. Please do not assume that dogs like the natural taste of it. Instead, dogs lick couches to find the food particles stuck in there.

We like to eat on the couches. While eating, some crumbs and pieces can get stuck on the couch. On the other hand, dogs are incredibly fond of food. They don’t waste this opportunity of getting some tasty treats from the couch. 

For that, dogs search the couches for food. They do it by licking and sniffing the couch. Dogs can also lick the couch if the smell of their favorite person is present there. 

Reason 2: Boredom 

Nobody likes to get bored. Dogs are not different in this respect. They want a busy day full of playing and walking. 

But often, this is not possible. Because dog owners stay busy all day, and this makes your dog bored to tears.

To stay busy, dogs can do weird behaviors. They can indulge in biting nails, scratching furniture, and licking the couches. 

Your dog uses his excess energy to lick the couches. To be sure about the dog’s boredom, you must observe his habit.

See if the dog is chewing and biting other things besides licking the couches. Then you can decide that he is doing this work to pass his time.

Reason 3: Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin or other nutritional deficiencies can be the reason for couch licking. If your dog doesn’t get enough proper food, then he can suffer from a deficiency. As a result of deficiency, your dog will try to collect nutrition from all places.

To prevent nutrition deficiency in your beloved dog, provide a balanced diet to him. The dog will search the couch and other places for nutrition. Thus he would grow a habit of licking couches.

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Reason 4: Has a Bad Habit 

Your dog can be the owner of lots of bad habits. Dogs behave like human babies. They want to do things that we forbid them to do. And then grow some terrible practices. Licking couches can be one of these habits.

Your dog possibly licked the couch one time for curiosity. He liked the sensation and kept licking the couch. This behavior can be altered only by giving appropriate training to the dog.

Reason 5: Physical Or Mental Sickness 

Some physical and mental illnesses can compel your dog to lick the sofa. Dogs can not communicate through words. They express how they feel using different actions. Licking can be one of them.

Dogs can suffer from ulcers and other pancreatic diseases. As a side effect of these problems, they start licking surfaces more. Licking a sofa can also be a symptom. Even many times, dogs chew blankets too. 

Mental issues can be the reason too. Dogs can get anxious because of several reasons. They can get tense and stressed. All these issues are more than enough for the dog to lick couches.

These are some serious reasons why your dog might lick the couch. If you want to eradicate this habit, stay with us. Below we will discuss some methods that you can use.

How to Prevent a Dog From Licking the Couch? 

Since you are still here, you might be interested in the solutions to licking couches. 

You can see the below methods and follow them to resist your dog from this work.

Solution 1: Keeping the Couch Clean

The first thing you have to do is to keep the couch clean. A dirty couch will attract the dogs more. Always beware while eating on the couch. 

Make sure that you don’t leave food drops on the couch. You can also use an extra sheet while eating.

Solution 2: Bitter Tasting Spray 

Bitter-tasting spray is an excellent solution to keep your dog away from the couch. You can use this method if it becomes hard to control the dog. You will find this spray in any pet shop.

Spray the liquid on the sofa or the couch. This will repulse the dog from the couch. Once the dog tries to lick it, he will find it acrid. He will not lick the couch again.

Solution 3: Positive Reinforcement 

Giving positive reinforcement is the best way of dealing with pets. Our furry friends don’t have an advanced brain like humans. 

For that reason, they don’t understand the commands easily. You will only worsen the situation by yelling and shouting at a dog.

Encourage the dog not to lick the couch. Tell the dog to stop licking whenever he licks the couch. If he listens to you, give him a small treat as a prize. The dog will understand that he can get love by not licking the couch.

Solution 4: Exercise for The Dog

The importance of exercise for dogs is enormous. Dogs have tons of energy. To burn this energy systematically, there is no alternative to exercise. Exercise also helps to get rid of the destructive behaviors of the dog.

Take the dog out for a walk. You can also give him chew toys. Puzzles are very efficient in keeping your dog busy. All these are necessary for maintaining the dog healthy.

Follow our advice to keep your dog away from the couch. This advice is also essential for the excellent health of your fog.


Why does my dog lick fabric?

Your dog licks fabric because of stomach diseases. Licking too much fabric indicates that the dog has liver disease and bowel problems. This is also a sign of dental issues.

How can I get my dog to stop licking everything?

You can get your dog to stop licking everything by changing his focus. You have to distract the dog when he tries to lick. Exercise and toys are good options for it.

Can dogs have OCD licking?

Yes, dogs can have OCD licking. Dogs can suffer from OCD. And just like humans, they start repeating their normal behaviors. This can result in OCD licking in the dogs.