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Why Does My Dog Lick The Carpet [5 Reasons Explained]

It’s a very weird thing if you find out your dog is licking the carpet? You must be very confused and worried about why he is doing that. 

Why does my dog lick the carpet? 

There can be several reasons why your dog is licking the carpet. Your dogs might be casually doing the thing. Or it can be a compulsive behavior of your dogs. Again, your dogs might be anxious. Or there can be some issue with your dog’s diet. In this case, positive reinforcement can be useful.

You must be still in the blue about that matter. Don’t worry we have prepared this whole writing to get you out of this dilemma. 

Let’s jump on and learn everything in detail!

Why is Your Dog Licking the Carpet: 5 Reasons Why! 

Dogs often do some weird things. As a responsible dog owner, it can be a matter of concern to you. One of the weirdest things your dogs might do is lick the carpet. 

You might be thinking about what happened to your dog or if only your dog’s doing that. But no, it is a common thing among dogs. Most breeds just often lick the floor, carpet or furniture legs, or even walls. 

Some dogs try to communicate by doing weird things. The matter may worry you a little, but sometimes it’s just out of behavior. But also it can be an indication of disease or several problems. 

As a dog owner, you should look for the reasons behind the dog’s weird behavior. With the proper analysis, you can end up with a result. It can also prevent any danger from happening to your dog buddy. 

Here we have described some most common reasons why your dog is doing this behavior.

Reason 1: Casually Licking the Carpet 

You don’t have to worry yourself out! Dogs can just casually lick the carpet. Your carpet might smell good and that is causing your dog to lick the carpet. 

Or your dog is trying to pick up the food you dropped like cinnamon baked crumbs. Because sometimes dogs like to have cinnamon. But in that case, it’s just a random thing. You don’t have to worry about it. 

But take action if you notice that your dog is licking the carpet repeatedly. Then there can be other reasons behind your dog licking up your carpet. 

Reason 2:  Because of Compulsive Behavior 

These are some of the neurological behaviors that are out of your hands. It can be similar to human OCD. They are some types of impulsive and weird behavior that dogs do. 

You will notice that your dog is doing that behavior day by day. And also it’s increasing rapidly. You will notice your dogs becoming unable to stop doing that behavior as well. 

Reason 3: Because of Nutritional Deficiency

Your dogs might have some nutritional deficiency. Or your dog’s diet is not efficient. That can be also a reason behind causing this odd behavior. 

Sometimes you see dogs eating grass because of nutritional deficiency. In this case, your dog might have issues with Pica

That’s why if your dog licks the carpet, it’s maybe because he’s considering it as grass. This mostly happens when they are not taken for walks or outdoors. 

You might notice these behaviors recently after you changed your dog’s diet. Then you should consider giving your dog a healthy diet. There are some vitamins and supplements that can be a big help to do so. 

Here, we’re recommending some vitamins to prevent nutritional deficiency:

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These vitamins are from top brands and they will help your dog to regain health.

You can also make your dog eat fruits like mango or pears to provide vitamins.

But here’s a thing! Are your dogs suddenly showing this behavior without any change in their food diet? Then there might be another reason behind this behavior. 

Reason 4: Because of Anxiety 

Anxiety can also be a reason for your dog to lick your carpet. Many dogs do some weird things or show some weird behavior to get relief from anxiety. 

Some of them may lick the floor or walls or furniture legs or even carpet. Licking objects gives them relief from anxiety. 

Have you noticed your dogs licking things like carpet a lot? Then you should talk to your vet about this matter. In that case, by analyzing other routine behavior your vet will find an answer.  

Reason 5: Because of Diabetes 

Diabetes can also be a reason behind your dogs licking the carpet. When the sugar level in your dog’s blood is too low then it creates excessive hunger. This can lead your dog to lick the carpet. 

You should check for other clues. If your dogs have diabetes issues then it won’t just lick the carpet. it will try to eat the carpet. You will also notice your dogs frequently urinating or drinking too much water. 

Tips on How to Prevent Your Dog from Licking Carpet 

Licking your carpet can be an indication as described above. Here’s how you can prevent your dog from doing so:

  • If your dog is doing these causally then you can prevent it with positive reinforcement training. Train your dogs and treat them for obeying your order. You can treat your dogs with sweet cookies or crumbs.
  • Is there any problem with your dog’s diet? Then try to change the diet according to your dog’s needs 
  • If your dogs have any neurological or medical issues then you can talk to your vet. Your vet will take appropriate action for your dog’s health. 

Following these suggestions may help your dog to prevent licking the carpet. Or it may solve the problem behind the behavior. 


Question: Why does my dog lick too much? 

Answer: Your dog’s licking too much can be caused because of neurological issues like compulsive behavior. It can also be because of anxiety or medical issues. Make sure you’re watching over your dogs carefully.

Question: What are the Symptoms of Dog dementia? 

Answer: Your dog may have sleep disturbance or fewer social interactions. Or you will notice inappropriate howling or barking. In any case, consult with a professional as soon as possible.

Question:  Does nighttime dementia get worse? 

Answer: Yes, at nighttime dementia can get worse.  Dogs often suffer from sleep cycle disturbance. That’s why you should try to ensure a peaceful and anxiety-free environment for them.

Bottom Line 

That’s all from us. Hope now you are sure about why my dog licks the carpet. 

It’s always best to notice and analyze the behavioral details of your dogs. In that way, dogs try to communicate with the owner. Also, you can do early prevention to keep your dog safe from any kind of danger. 

Best of luck with your dog buddy!