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8 Reasons Why Does My Dog Lay On My Clothes

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Majid Tanveer, DVM

When you wash the laundry, your dog gets up on the sofa to sleep on the dirty clothes pile.

You notice your dog’s fur on freshly laundered clothing. 

Your smell gives your pet a sense of security. Another reason for this might be your dog’s fondness for soft objects. The softness, along with your aroma, creates the ideal calming environment for them. Clothes, whether soiled or clean, provide an excellent, cushiony surface for your dog to lie down on.

Though all the reasons seem simple, you can’t avoid them. To have a broad understanding, go through everything in depth.

Let’s not waste time anymore. Hopping to the main point:

8 Possible Reasons Behind Dog Laying on Your Clothes

When you wash the laundry, your dog gets up on the sofa to sleep on the dirty clothes pile.

Several factors contribute to this odd behavior.

Reason 1: Your Clothing is your Dog’s Security

Is your dog worried when you leave? They can be nervous and miss you a lot. Separation anxiety may be the cause of undesirable behaviors. There’s also much barking. For the same reasons, the dog bit himself.

So, do you regularly discover your dog in the laundry? Maybe it’s because your unclean clothes smell like you. They may do it to de-stress. Because when they rest on it, they think of you snuggling.

Reason 2: They Enjoy Your Scent

According to studies, dogs can discriminate between four odors to identify their owners. They must love you if they prefer cuddling in your clothes. They also respond well to it. 

Your soiled laundry might smell like heaven to them even though it smells like sweat and other odors to us. 

But, your dog is indifferent as long as they are snug indoors. So they’ll look under the bed for shirts or trousers. Or put it in your hamper rather than crash it there.

Reason 3: Your Clothes are Comfy

Your dog has been on cold tiles for hours. They then observe a stack of clothes on the floor. They may also use your washing basket. It seems inviting to them. They prefer ‘fleecy’ surfaces over hard ones.

Reason 4: Their Bed is Stuffy

This is a significant mystery to most dog owners. You can’t determine which sort of cushion your dog prefers. You trust your instincts and choose something. I couldn’t wait for your dog to receive it. 

After a few weeks, their lovely new bed still has no fur. A dog with joint pain or sickness may seek cushiony items. 

Despite the lack of data, it’s evident that most Fidos would be content with an excellent fluffy bed. It boosts oxytocin, or “love hormones”, production.

But your Fido is always smashing into your clothing. It may be overly soft or too rigid. Location is also a factor. They may also be seen sleeping. 

Your dirty garments, even if it reeks of sweat. That’s possible if it’s too far away or in another room. Because most dogs like being near their owners. Maybe they don’t like the smell of new sheets.

Reason 5: They Want to Use Your Clothing to Stay Heated

You’ve just taken your freshly dried clothing out of the drier. Please put them in a basket and go away to get something. When you arrive, you won’t acknowledge what you see. Someone has delved into it. 

In contrast, your puppy is happy inside the hamper. The heat! 

Reason 6: They Beg for Aid

When you put them on the bed, your dog sleeps on them. Don’t ignore their cries for help. Maybe they’re bored and want to play. And they know you’ll be enraged if they discover you dozing on their clean clothing. 

They could be interested in your answer. Their misinterpretation may have been joy and acceptance.

Reason 7: Scent Marking

Your Dog Smells On Your Personal Property. Have you noticed your dog licking your clothes while sleeping? If so, they won’t play. It might be a method for them to get a whiff of your products.

Even if it’s clean clothes, people may not appreciate the scent. They’ll mark soiled garments that smell like you. Sometimes, dogs snuggle up to their owners.

But why do they act like this?

It may be attributed to resource stewardship. It’s like your dog saying they’re his or hers. Yes, you are a valuable resource in their eyes since you meet all their needs. It’s like putting your name on something. 

Or scribbles on whatever they possess. Dogs often make use of their excrements, such as feces and urine. Your dog may have peed on your clothes to protect you.

Reason 8: Arctic weather

Even if you don’t live in Alaska, a cold house may make your dog act as you do. For short-haired and toy breeds, winter may be brutal. 

Remember that dogs spend most of their time on the floor, which is the coolest part of the room. So, a dog that enjoys sleeping may seek out your clothing in the cold.

Hacks to Avoid Laying Your Dog on Your Clothes

I know it must be tough to see your dog lying on your clothes. After acknowledging all the reasons, apply the hacks to prevent this issue.

Hack 1: Prepare their Bed for Them

Are you tired of cleaning dog hair off your clothes? You’ve probably failed before. Even if lying on your clothes isn’t hazardous, let them sleep on their sofa. 

Comfortable bed – before teaching them to go to bed, be sure they will like it. Dogs deserve a comfortable place to sleep. You might notice your dog sleeping with open eyes due to extreme comfort. 

Without spending time, you may find comfortable beds for your dog in the above list.

Hack 2: Pick a Good Position

Location is vital. Imagine your bed in the room’s middle. Or near the entrance or windows. While some may be OK with it, others may not. 

Keep your dog comfortable, quiet, and near you or your family. 

Hack 3: Use the Same Phrase 

This is the time to start training them. First, choose a command cue word. Go to your bed/place/spot. Then make them face their bed. Pat it, urging them to try. 

Reward them if they sit on it. If not, entice them with sweets.

Hack 4: Management 

Avoid leaving items outside your closet. Preventing them from reverting to old habits can assist. This is also true when forcing children to sleep on their beds. 

Cover and shut your hamper. Keep your laundry safe. It can be lifted and locked away.

Hack 5: Calm Your Dog

If they appear to be doing it for attention, keep them occupied. Make frequent bonds with them. Daily games or tricks for them. If they persist, ignore them. 

Let them do something before engaging with them.

Hack 6: Combat their Fear

Don’t converse or play with your dog 15 minutes before leaving. Since it will make them more stressed after you go, if they calm down, give them treats. And praise when you watch them enjoying fun alone. 

A cozy bed, food, and toys they like are also good ideas. And make them remain longer as you go. 


Why does my dog cuddle and sit up next to me?

Your dog welcomes you as a member of its group when it snuggles up to you. It’s an expression of love, intimacy, and connection. And it means your ‘furkid’ is comfortable in your company.

Is it dangerous to sleep with your dog?

Long-term close contact with dogs introduces them to animal dander. This may lead to respiratory issues. Even those who aren’t sensitive to animals may see a rise in allergies. When dogs go outdoors, dust and pollen adhere to their coats. This might worsen human allergies.

Why shouldn’t dogs sleep under covers?

Under the covers, the atmosphere is quite warm, and the dog finds it too hot. They are uneasy since there isn’t enough air.