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Why Does My Dog Keep Licking His Butt

Dogs can put you in embarrassing situations.

Licking his butt could be a worst-case scenario.

Licking the butt is normal for dogs. They do this as a part of cleaning their body. Dogs like to keep themselves clean by licking the whole body. Sometimes, dogs lick excessively, which can signify bacterial infections, allergies, or gland problems.

You may close your eyes, but it won’t stop the dog from licking!

For that, you must understand the facts behind this.

Here I come! The article here explains why our fur-boy does such gross work.

Now, drop the curtains! Let the show begin!

Why Do Dogs Keep Licking Butts?

Licking the butt is indeed an ugly behavior shown by a puppy. Dogs don’t do such things without any reason. 

There are several reasons why dogs tend to do such work. 

If your dog keeps licking butt everywhere, you must first identify the culprits behind this.

It’s Just Part of The Process

Typically, dogs clean their body by licking. The same goes for licking that behind part. It’s just the general grooming procedure of the dog. 

If you found your dog licking his butt, rest assured he is not harmful. Instead, he is just maintaining hygiene.

Anal Gland Compromised

Contagion of the anal gland can be another factor that makes your doggy lick his bottom. 

Any infection spreads to the bottom glands, making the dogs sensitive and uncomfortable. Thus the dog keeps licking the bottom. What else can he do?

Another important fact is you might discover your dog dragging its butt along the floor. Or, the dog might roll over the grass. The reason is none other than that of infected glands.

Parasite Invasion

A significant reason for your puppy licking his butt can be the attack of parasites. Parasites can have an effect both internally and externally.


Worms that reside in the intestine are part of this segment. 

Several categories of worms live in a dog’s intestine. These worms can easily trigger irritation at the bottom, forcing the dogs to lick their butts. 


Sometimes it’s not only the parasites that live inside that make a dog sensitive. Various parasites can also affect the bottom part of the dog from the outside. 

Parasites and pests can get in contact with the butt of your doggy, resulting in a tingling situation.

The next time you try to blame the dog for licking its butt, think twice. Maybe someone is working behind the scenes.

Allergic Effect

Now bottom irritation that triggers licking can have a strong relation with allergies. After all, Irritation and allergies are deeply connected. 

Your dog can suffer from any allergy. Eventually, these allergies can lead to infections of the butt. There are many ways allergies can take an approach.

Typical Skin Allergy

Just a simple skin allergy can also make the butt feel uncomfortable. Sometimes dogs have skin allergies that affect the skin of their bottom. 

As a result, dogs feel uncomfortable about their bottom. To get rid of the discomfort! Finding no other way, they start licking their butt.

Allergy Originated from Food

Food allergy is a typical reason for irritation. 

Its actual dogs try to eat almost everything, but not every food is safe for all dogs. Some food can trigger dogs’ allergies, resulting in an itchy bottom.

Seasonal Allergy

If you keep an eye out, you may frequently find your dog licking his butt in some seasons. This is due to environmental allergies. 

Allergies that are connected with environmental substances trigger the butt to be itchy. As a result, the dog starts licking.

Besides allergies, sometimes dogs can have fur infections. This can also make the dog lick him, but too often.

How to Stop My Dog Licking His Butt

Butt licking is not a big deal as long as it is a standard cleanup procedure. Continuous butt-licking at any place can be a matter of concern. 

Therefore, to stop your dog’s bad habit of licking the bottom, you can keep these few things in mind.

A Neat Approach

Keep your dog clean and tidy. Maintaining proper hygiene will ensure your dog is not licking its butt. 

Give your dog a regular shower. Keep him away from dirt and dust. 

A dog with clean skin is free of germs and bacteria—the lesser the germs, the more secondary any infection or allergies. 

Especially keep the bottom of the puppy as clean as possible. 


You can give your dog a break from the intestinal worms. You can use dewormers to treat your dog. 

Worms make the bottom itchy and are responsible for many other complexities of the dog.

If you see the presence of worms on the dog’s poop, it’s time to deworm your dog. 

Also, you can use anti-itch sprays to prevent the itches around the butt. Speaking of anti-itch sprays. You can try these:

Product 1
Product 2

They are the top-notch you’ll find in the market. Worth giving a shot!

Cross-Check The Food

Some specific foods can trigger allergies, making the dog whiff his bottom. 

Avoid foods that can cause allergic effects. Maintain a proper and perfect diet for your doggy, which contains allergy-free food. 

Before you give that fried chicken to your dog, think twice. What if it makes the dog lick his butt?

Keep these things in mind; your dog has stopped licking his bottom.


Does skin get damaged if a dog licks his butt?

Yes. Excessive licking can damage the skin of the bottom. Although Licking cleans up the skin, excessive can irritate the bottom. Even worse, skin infections might occur.

Is it harmful if I lick my dog?

Yes. Licking your dog is exceptionally harmful to you. There’s a risk of germs attacking you. You may do it for fun but it can cause terrible human infections.

What could be the possible symptoms of an infected anal gland?

The symptoms of an infected anal gland can be skin turning red around the anus and pustules leaking out of the anus. You can even see the anus is bleeding.