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Why Does My Dogs Hump the Air: 5 Major Facts!

Having your dog humping in the air or near your leg can be very embarrassing. But, it’s a really common behavior for dogs. Yet most of the owners don’t know the root of it.

Why does my dog hump the air?

In male dogs, sexual arousal is the most common reason for this behavior. Socializing challenges, anxiousness, or desire for love can also lead to this behavior. More concerning issues can be skin allergy or UTI. Moreover, the irritation from medical issues can make your canine hump in the air.

This humping is also known as the mounting behavior. Interested? 

Let’s get further into the article to know all about it!

What Does “Humping Behavior” Mean?

Humping is a habit that for dogs is also known as mounting. In which dogs undertake pelvic thrusting movements in a variety of situations. It’s named that because it resembles things male dogs do. When they’re in the heat with female canines.

Simulated mounting, done in a wide range of situations and with almost anything. Dogs may hump the air or human, or an inanimate item.

The behavior is more frequent in male dogs and male pups. Before they are neutered, it may also be seen in female dogs.

What Causes Dogs to Hump: 5 Major Facts

There are many causes why your dog may begin whacking the air. Or doing anything similar. Some of the actions are harmless, while others are alarming.

Discover the motive for your dog’s humping behavior. Take note of the environment they’re in. The type of stimuli they get. The most prevalent causes of your dog humping the air are listed below.

Fact 1: Sexual Arousal

Male dogs who have been sterilized may hump for this cause. It requires their hormones to calm down following the procedure. Even if a male dog has been neutered, he may still produce sex hormones.

They need to let off steam even if they can’t procreate with a female dog. Humping provides that opportunity. These would be the dogs that will most likely want to hump their favorite toys.

This is a widespread problem. When unneutered male dogs are in close proximity to a female dog in heat but are unable to approach her.

This might cause their hormones to go into overdrive, causing a lot of annoyance.

Humping the air might be a good method to let off steam.

This is also a frequent tendency among male pups before they would be neutered. Their hormones are growing and they desire a release, even if they aren’t ready to mate yet. Which humping could be able to supply.

Fact 2: Excitement

Your dog’s humping may be used to indicate a variety of emotions, not only sexual desire. If your dog is experiencing overwhelming enthusiasm, he or she may hump to relieve the stress.

This indicates that your dog is high-maintenance in terms of socialization and attention. You should not leave your dog home alone for long periods of time. If this is difficult due to employment. Consider hiring a dog walker to walk them throughout the day.

Another situation is a dog that spends most of its time inside. They might become so enthusiastic when you let him out. Or maybe he simply wants a treat like an apple.

It does imply that they aren’t receiving enough physical and mental stimulation. Make sure they get their exercise and provide them with suitable puzzle items. Puzzles are great to keep their brains stimulated while they’re locked indoors.

Fact 3: Socialization is lacking

Puppies that have not been socialized correctly as puppies may get overwhelmed.  Not understanding what to do in particular circumstances.

Humping may be used as a means of eliciting participation. They may also hump them in the same way. If your canine wants to control a person/animal or a location. Get your dog more used to socializing.

Sharing food with your dog. Letting your dog share food with other pets can help your dog socialize.  For example, let him have popcorn with some other pets.

The secret to prevention is proper puppy training. Adult dogs may also benefit from training to help them control their behavior.

Fact 4: Displacement Behavior

Your dog seems to hump the air without being provoked. It might be an indicator that he or she is worried.

They hum to release the pressure that has built up in their bodies. If this is the situation, you should investigate the source of their stress. 

It is most usually the result of a terrible occurrence or a recent upheaval in their life.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to external changes. When new people and pets enter or leave the family, it may be stressful for them. Change to the way the home smells might lead them to get anxious.

You can address some of these difficulties but in others. You might just have to wait till the dog adjusts.

Fact 5: Medical Concerns

Humping may be an indication of medical concerns in certain situations. Exercising in this manner might be an effort to relieve any pain.

Urinary tract infections as well as skin allergies. These are the two most common medical conditions that might be at fault.

You are more likely to detect extra symptoms in this instance. If they have a urinary tract infection, their urine will have a different hue.

And that they seem uncomfortable while urinating, perhaps crying out. They may also have some incontinence.

If you feel your dog is struggling from a urinary tract infection (UTI). Or skin allergies, you should see your veterinarian for the best treatment options. There are medications that may be used to treat your dog’s UTI.

If the dog has a skin allergy, you will observe repeated itching and licking of the affected region.

There are numerous supplements that may help your dog clear up the issue fast. To determine the source of the allergies and limit your dog’s contact with them. These include the following:

Product 1
Product 2

These supplements are well-reviewed and are totally safe for your dog. Use it under a veterinarian’s prescription.

Make sure your dog is hydrated in case of a UTI. To get enough water in their system, you can give your dog some watermelon.  

If you see humping together with other signs and haven’t worked out what’s wrong, consult a doctor. Tell your veterinarian. It can make a big difference in receiving a diagnosis sooner and more accurately.

What Can Be Done To Stop It?

Your puppy is humping in an innocent way and isn’t tied to a larger issue. If you still want to curb the habit, training is the way to go.

The key to getting your dog to quit humping is to catch them red-handed. Or, much better, once they are prepared to start.

You must now divert your dog’s focus away from what they’re going to do. By employing a familiar command, for example, “sit,” “down,” or “halt.”

Here’s where you’ll find a list of the most crucial fundamental instructions to teach your dog. You may praise them with love or pleasant food if they reply swiftly and properly.

If you do this for a few days, they should learn that humping is not a good idea.


Question: What exactly is a myoclonic seizure for dogs?

Myoclonus is defined as a shock-like twitch contraction of a muscle or muscles for dogs.

This most often affects the thoracic limb. Although it may also affect the pelvic limb or the face muscles.

Question: Is it true that puppies hump?

Answer: Littermates, humans, and toys are often mounted and humped by puppies. This behavior works as a warm-up for later sexual encounters.

Question: Is humping always considered a sexual act?

Answer: A puppy is seen between the ages of 6 to 8 months, puppies go through puberty. As a result, humping is a non-sexual kind of play.


Now you know everything about your query “why does my dog hump the air”. We’ll end my article with a bonus tip for you. 

Train your puppy from a very young stage. It’s a lot easier to train a puppy than it is to train an older dog.

I hope this post has been helpful in answering your questions.

Best of luck until next time!