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Why Does My Dog Huff At Me: Mystery Solved!

Dogs are supposed to be happy and joyous all the time.

If we see them huffing, we get worked up as pet owners.

When your dog exhales air, it makes huffs or half-bark sounds.

Regardless of the sound, there must be some reasons behind it.

There are multiple reasons behind this huffing. The reasons behind dog huffing could be positive reasons like overexcitement or relaxation. It can also signify health problems or your dog’s stress level. If your dog is aggressive, it can also lead to it huffing at you.

It is normal to get panicked when your dog makes a huff because this sound can be pretty uncomfortable for you.

Before going for medical intervention, read this article to learn why huffing.

Why Does My Dog Huff at Me?

Sometimes your dog exhales a puff of air. It sounds confusing and unpleasant. We have investigated and gathered the reasons behind it. 

Let’s jump into the reasons behind your dog’s huffing!

Reason 1: Your Dog is Stressed Out

It would help if you calmed your dog out. Humans tend to give long breaths and throw up their arms when stressed. But what are the dog’s responses when they are stressed or anxious?

Dogs have similar responses. As they start getting stressed, they tend to huff or sigh. When they are huffing, they keep their eyes partially closed. 

A common reason behind your dog’s stress can be another new dog coming into the environment. Your dog might express anxiety or disappointment by huffing. 

It’s not uncommon for the dog to be stressed. It can huff to show stress when it encounters a new environment or a different owner.

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Reason 2: Signs of Health Problems

Huffing is not supposed to be happening more often. But if it’s happening more than usual, it can be a reason for your dog’s respiratory problem.

Your dog might face breathing problems sometimes. It will cause your dog to react to the pain. To express the pain, your dog will make huffing and wheezing sounds.

The chance of your dog having fluid in the lungs or chest cavity is scarce. Don’t go to a conclusion before taking the dog to a vet.

Reason 3: Your Dog is Over Excited

Believe it or not! Overexcitement can also cause huffing. It is a positive sign of huffing. When they are over-excited, they get delighted. 

Came home after a long day and see your dog huffing at you? Trust me; your pet baby is excited to see you. 

Lively places and car rides also make dogs overexcited. It might be the excitement of seeing the little guy huffing or panting in a vehicle or playground.

It can also huff when you play with it. Give your dog a ball to play with, and it will lean back and start huffing. It’s just excitement coming out of their nose.

Reason 4: Sign of Aggression

Is your dog a hunting breed? They might have seen or sensed something which reflected aggression in them.

The other breeds will show aggression when you sit to trim their nails or get them cleaned up. 

Usually, dogs will huff, bark, or even whine to show aggression.

Reason 5: Your Dog is Relaxing

Sometimes after patting your dog, you will see them huffing. It will feel relaxed, loose, and comfortable as you pat it.

One thing to remember is that if you hear the huffing is not usual, you are uncomfortable. Just pat other areas of the body if the huffing is aggressive.

Now you might want to stop the huffing. Is it possible to stop it? Perhaps. Let’s know more about it.

What to Do About the Huffing of My Dog?

Huffing is a “dog thing” to do. Let’s not try to worry about it when it’s normal. But as a pet parent, you will notice if the dog is huffing more than usual. 

Now you should consider the timing of the huffing of your dog. Is your dog huffing or making noises after eating? Your pal is huffing because maybe he overate in too little time. Then use a slow-feed dog bowl.

Does your dog have any allergies? If he has, let’s go to a vet to learn more about it because your dog’s huffing might be an allergic reaction. Think before giving your dog any raw meat to eat.

As we mentioned, dogs sometimes huff as they are stressed. Try not to do anything which will worry the little guy. 

A collar can sometimes cause breathing problems. It would help if you used a harness to protect your dog from having these problems.

Finally, when your dog is huffing at you, observe closely. Gently massage its throat and give your pal a place to be comfortable. 

Now, ask yourself, is it happening more than usual? Then go to a vet and get professional help about it!


Can my dog be mad at me?

Your dog is capable of being upset. It can show emotions. But that doesn’t mean your dog is mad at you. Dogs live in the moment so negative feelings will disappear as the situation changes. 

Why does my dog paw at me when I stop petting him?

The reason behind this is they want instant love. They make an effort to continue an action that they like. This is a way of getting your attention.

Does my dog protect me when I am asleep?

Dogs are loyal and protective creatures. They are mainly protective of babies and young children. They also tend to look after and protect the owner. When your pet baby wants to share your bed, she is also on guarding duty.