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Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom: 6 Surprising Reasons

Dogs are man’s best friends.

They will follow us everywhere if they can, even to the bathroom.

If this has you worried, then fret not, we’ll tell you why your dog’s doing so.

Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom?

Because of base instincts and pack psychology, your dog accompanies you everywhere. Canines who are doing this are known as “Velcro dogs”. This is because they always want to be with you. They can also do it out of curiosity or because of separation anxiety. Most dogs don’t like to be alone as well.

We understand you’d like to learn more about your dog’s behavior. Then what are you waiting for? 

Let’s go forward!

Reasons Why Your Dog Follows You Into the Bathroom

We’ve covered 6 of the most probable reasons for your dog’s behavior.

Let’s explore these-

Reason 1: Pack mentality 

The reality is canines are a pack-oriented form of life. Sticking united means survival for them and their untamed forefathers. It’s been one of the main reasons why your companion always desires to be around you.

Dogs and wolves foraged together, fought, slept, and did almost everything together. This degree of pack hierarchy aided in their development. 

Their savage beginnings include an innate herd mentality. This causes your pup to adhere to your side as much as possible. Another example of dogs’ pack mentality is trying to stand over their owners.

Our canines not only seek company but might become hooked on us. This is most frequent in dogs adopted in their first couple of weeks. As a result, they will usually rely on you as a mother. This eventually makes them follow you everywhere.

Reason 2: Guarding 

Defending you is an offshoot of their herd mentality for dogs. That’s why they might watch over you no matter where you go. But it depends on whether they protect you due to separation anxiety or fear.

This kind of behavior needs special examination. You should carefully handle it as a behavioral disorder. Most dogs will lick their lips as a nervous tactic, so look out for this.

Reason 3: Curiosity 

Curiosity drives your puppy’s desire to understand what you’ll see in the restroom. Also, your dog might observe you going to the washroom frequently. 

As a result, your dog might think it’s your terrain, and you must constantly protect it. They might join you out of curiosity to explore your territory. 

Dogs are curious about almost everything. It can be puzzles, sweets, colors, noises, and, more importantly, something you’re up to.

For them, the concept of you going to the restroom may stimulate their inquisitive nature. This is why they’ll follow you anywhere. 

Reason 4: Don’t Like to be Alone

Your dog dislikes feeling lonely. I cannot see why anybody would want to do anything without their closest buddy. As a result, you may anticipate this adorable animal following you wherever you go. 

It’s their method of providing you with the companionship of a pal. If you ask us, it’s the best company a man can get. Your dog will also try to rub against you to get your attention, no matter what.

Reason 5: Doesn’t Understand Privacy and Space 

A journey to the toilet is a personal moment for you and me. No dog comprehends the human desire for personal space. To them, this is equivalent to surrendering safety. 

We shouldn’t automatically throw our fists in frustration when our pets accompany us everywhere. They’re their usual, affectionate doggie selves.

If your dog is continuously trailing you, it may be acting out an entrenched tendency. Your dog’s ancestors would constantly collaborate to accomplish their aims. It implies that they have never spent much time apart. If your dog is continuously trailing you, it may be acting out an entrenched tendency.

Reason 6: Separation Anxiety

Dogs are some of the most obedient and friendliest creatures. Joining you could be a sign of affection. As a result, they show you how much they love you.

Perhaps they whine as you walk out the gate, paw at you as you depart. They might even tear at the door if you’ve slammed it in front of them. If this describes your pet, they may suffer separation anxiety.

A dog with separation anxiety may have difficulty being on its own. Maybe they were trailing you due to stress from being left alone. This may lead your dogs to approach you as soon as you enter the toilet.

How Do I Get my Dog to Stop?

You can instruct your dog to stay in place if no fundamental medical condition exists. You could do so when you’re using the restroom. Experts recommend asymmetric training. Here you reward your dog for visiting and interacting with an object.

Give your dog anything fun to do when you’re in the restroom. It can be used as a lick mat. You can retrieve it too when you return. Whatever you want to do, ensure it’s a long-lasting hobby or item.

If you don’t have any toys like that at home. Maybe you can take a look at these toys for your dogs:

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Don’t worry about the quality of these toys. We’ve already tested them and can confirm they won’t affect your dogs negatively.

With this, we’ve come to the end of our discussion. Don’t worry about your pup following you everywhere. Handle this matter calmly, and everything will be fine. 


What is the purpose of my dog following me around the residence?

Needing to be near you is a natural canine instinct. If your canine follows you around, it means that he appreciates and adores you. It also means that they feel safer around you. 

When a dog follows you home, what does it mean?

Puppies will frequently accompany their owners just because they seek to support. Dogs will recall and do the action more often if trailing their human about results in goodies. The majority of individuals will find this conduct appealing.

Is it possible for a dog to become overly devoted to its owner?

Yes, it’s possible. We’ve discovered many canines acquire an adaptive connection to their people. This ends up causing anxiety whenever their person is not there.