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Why Does My Dog Eat Toilet Paper [5 Reasons Why!]

Dogs have a weird habit of putting random items in their mouths.

The most unusual option can be more typical than you realize.

Yes, the thing we are talking about here is toilet paper.

Why does my dog eat toilet paper?

Distress, idleness, fear, pleasure, appetite, teething, and chasing can make dogs eat toilet paper. Another reason might be a disorder called pica, in which dogs devour non-food things. Some toilet paper-eating behaviors may be readily stopped. At the same time, others will need a veterinarian’s expertise.

This is just a gist about this concerning issue. Got a couple of minutes to read? 

Let’s get started!

5 Reasons Behind Dogs Eating Toilet Paper!

Pica disorder is related to the abnormal activity of eating toilet paper. Pica condition is defined by a dog’s desire to consume items not included in a regular eating habit diet. 

This may be harmful to health. The roots of this condition are many. However, the following are the most common:

Reason 1: Monotony

A dog’s boredom at home is frequently connected to this problem. So they look for other entertainment. Dogs are left alone for lengthy periods or do not get regular attention or exercise.

Inactivity may induce frustration and anxiety in your dog, resulting in unwanted behavior.

Reason 2: Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety has been connected to self-harm. Like the last situation, this attitude is exhibited in some of the dogs. Mainly to those, who are overly dependent on their human companions. 

Devouring long periods alone, apart from their owner, may lead to separation anxiety.

Reason 3: Nutritional Deficiency

Due to malnutrition, your dog may want to consume unusual objects like board or paper. They may try to eat dirt or feces as well. 

If you observe your dog consuming these products, examine their diet and visit a vet.

You can also treat your dog with delicious treats like mango. It provides nutritional value and is safe to consume.

Reason 4: Delightful Aroma

Napkins are likely to be the source of your dog’s paper consumption. Inspect your napkin and rubbish placement.

Reason 5: Clinician’s Guide to Path

Perhaps your dog’s taste for paper has been stimulated by a disease.  They may have digestive problems, thyroid issues, diabetes, or other illnesses. 

The vet should be consulted to rule out any medical issues. But puppies may be harmed as well.

Why Do Puppies Eat Toilet Paper?

Puppies naturally shred everything, including toilet paper, towels, and newspapers. They may also eat it, mainly if it smells good. 

Because teething is uncomfortable, they need to bite items to relieve it. As a result, we must supply our dog with bite-able toys, such as resistive toys with treats inside. You can give them sweet potatoes to nibble on.

We must not criticize or penalize if our dog bites anything unsuitable. Their mistrust will grow and may lead to future disruptive behavior.  

We must provide kids with toys, activities, and nourishment. We may also protect waste and harmful things away from them.

Is It Harmful to Dogs to Ingest Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper breaks easily and is safe for dogs to eat. Wet toilet paper breaks up and travels quickly through your dog’s digestive system. On the contrary, a toilet roll may endanger puppies.

You will most likely discover toilet paper in your dog’s feces or diarrhea. It all boils down to size and frequency. It is defined as dangerous if your little dog regularly consumes toilet paper.

Constant toilet paper eating might induce intestinal blockage.

It may be necessary to induce vomiting or surgery if your dog becomes stuck. If you are concerned about your dog’s behavior, please take it to the vet.

Necessary Steps to Follow if Your Dog Eats Toilet Paper

Toilet paper eating is a dangerous habit that might harm your dog’s well-being. As a consequence, it cannot be ignored. 

We should emergency visit a vet to determine the cause in these cases. If it’s merely a psychological issue, we recommend the following:

Protect your dog from obtaining a paper. Keep trash, toilet paper, towels, and paper away from your dog. 

As a consequence, keep track of your dog’s movements. Close the bathroom or kitchen door and close the garbage can.

Improve your dog’s health. Once you’ve recovered control, you should focus on improving your dog’s general health.

You may not be giving your dog the right food. Investigate the most convenient diet for your dog based on breed, size, and activity level. In this case, you should see a veterinarian.

Your dog may also need extra exercise. If so, we recommend bringing your dog for three daily walks and putting them in dog activities. 

Note that some dogs need more movement than others. A regular two-hour walk is inadequate for active breeds.

Health Risks that May Occur 

When you go home and discover shredded toilet paper all over the floor, it’s hard to tell how much your dog ate. The symptoms mentioned below should all be monitored:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Losing weight
  • An abrupt decrease in health
  • Constipation
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration

This is not the only source of these symptoms in dogs. But they are all signals of intestinal blockage, a medical emergency.

3 Effective Prevention Methods!

Now that we know why your dogs eat toilet paper, we must prevent it. In most situations, your dog treats toilet paper eating as a hobby. They won’t stop until taught or you take preventative precautions.

Here are some ideas to prevent your dog from eating toilet paper and messing up your house!

Method 1: Lock the Washroom Door

The easiest solution is to keep your washroom door closed. This ends the activity and prevents your dog from reaching the toilet paper holder.

Method 2: Divert the Attention of Your Dog

Try keeping the washroom door closed and redirect your dog’s attention. The only thing worse than eaten toilet paper is a toilet door scraped to bits!

You can try giving your dog some peanut butter to keep them occupied. Or give them some other treats to keep them away from the toilet rolls. 

These activities will keep your dog occupied and reduce boredom. As a result, keeping them away from devouring the toilet rolls.

You shouldn’t pursue or yell at your dog if they’re chewing toilet paper. Because this might reinforce the activity and make them believe they’re playing.

Instead, focus on one of their new gadgets and make it appear like the most fantastic thing ever.

Method 3: Keep Your Dog More Active

Bored and inactive dogs seek entertainment in many forms. Some like chewing on partitions, while others enjoy paper towels.

Exercise your dog to prevent chewing toilet paper and developing harmful behaviors. We walk our dog twice daily to keep him active and tired.

An expert can diagnose nutritional deficiencies, pica, stress, and disease in your dog:

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I hope this guide was helpful.


Can eating toilet paper hurt my dog?

It may cause significant intestinal difficulties. The toilet paper may cause digestive problems in your dog. Puking, constipation, diarrhea, and fatigue may occur.

Is toilet paper digestible?

No, toilet paper is not digestible. It is harmful to their health. They ingest infections and bacteria from the toilet paper they eat.

Does toilet paper dissolve in a dog’s stomach?

Paper is often ripped up or destroyed by dogs instead of eaten. Ingesting crushed tissues or toilet roll is unlikely to cause problems.