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Why Does My Dog Burp So Much: Case Solved & Dismissed

You are passing a routine life with your doggy.

You found that your dog is burping at a rate not so usual.

Pretty concerning, right?

Burping is a typical and habitual thing for dogs, just like humans! Dogs burp for several reasons. Based on the food, lifestyle, and even breed type, some dogs burp more than others. Either this or your dog might be suffering from any disease.

Still in the darkness? Then, it would help if you learned more about this.

No need to get bored now! The article here is the portal to all your answers.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the article!

Reasons Behind Excessive Burping of Dogs

Belching is a part of the digestive system. It’s lovely if your dog burps.

Nevertheless, your dog might belch more frequently, and you might start to keep an eye on that.

But not all dogs are born burping. There are a few factors responsible for excessive air bursts.

Suspect 1: The Food that Gets In

Your dog might over-burp because of the food you give him.

Suppose, on a Sunday morning; you gave your furry bud breakfast. Unfortunately, instead of a hoof, you heard a burp. What can go wrong?

The simple answer is food. 

Dogs eat almost everything. Some foods can create excessive gas during digestion. When it happens, the only way to get that extra gas out is an extra burp.

Some typical foods can cause extra burping:

  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Cruciferous veggies
  • Human foods

These are typical foods that can have an over-burping effect on your dog.

Next time your dog burps extra, keep track of the food. You might get your culprit.

Suspect 2: More Swallow Less Chew

The tendency of any dog to consume any food is swallowing the food rather than chewing. 

When dogs are about to eat, it tries to eat as quickly as possible. As a result, it swallows the food. 

Here’s the catch. Along with the food, most dogs end up swallowing extra air. When this extra gets in the stomach, it tends to get out as a burp. 

You might wonder why your dog pants in the car and how it’s connected with burps. The same thing goes in the case of dogs panting. It’s simple—entry of extra air.

Thus, your dog will give some bonus burps.

Suspect 3: Change in Diet

Commonly, if you change your dog’s diet, this can cause unusual burping. 

Changing the diet for a dog changes the dog’s appetite. At the same time, this can affect your dog’s digestive system. 

This transition of the meal can lead to making your pooch release more gas than usual.

Suspect 4: It’s In Their Nature

Some dogs are born with the talent of emitting extra gas. 

Some specific breeds of dogs burp over the usual scale. It’s in their nature! Now, what can they do? 

Some breeds of dogs have a face structure more pushed in than others. Due to this, they end up swallowing more air. They burp more!

These are some dog races that typically burp more:

  • Bull-dog
  • Boston bull
  • Dutch bulldog
  • French bulldog

Before getting concerned, check up on your dog. Perhaps it’s normal for your dog to give over burps.

Suspect 5: Disease

Apart from anything, maybe your furry bud is having a bad day, that’s it.

Extra-burping can be a symptom of your dog having stomach trouble. 

Sometimes, more alkaline foods can raise the ph level of the stomach. This leads to extra gas and burping. 

Again, dogs can get inflammatory bowel disease, Leading to excessive belching.

Hence watch out if your dog is ill or not.

There you go. These are some prime suspects responsible for the frequent burping of your puppy.

How to Fight Over Burp 

As long as it’s not any disease, over-burping is not much of a threat. Still, you can do certain things to avoid your dog’s excess burping unless you want it to burp at your face, as it might disgust some people.

Take It Easy

Try to avoid rush feeding of dogs. 

Some fellow dogs eat like there’s no tomorrow. As a result, they swallow extra air. 

You can slack off at eating speed in this case. Use puzzle feeders and devices that make the eating process slower. This can buy your furry friend the time to eat without any air.

If you are looking for slow feeders, then check these out:

Product 1
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They are the best right now in the market. Confused? Don’t be! Give them a try and check yourself.

It’s Not A Competition

Sometimes, some dogs have their meal thinking other pets might try to have it. You can avoid such competition. Give your dog meals in a different place. That’s it.

Wait for Breath

Don’t give meals to your dog when it’s out of breath. This can create problems for the dog’s digestive system. 

If the dog’s out of the air, let it relax and give food if any.

Proper Diet and Proper Food

Try to maintain a constant food chart. Also, choose the right food to avoid extra gas in the stomach. 

There you go! Try to keep things in mind, and your doggy will get a break from extra burping that made your dog sound like a pig.


Can my dog have a soybean meal?

No, if you want to avoid extra burps. Soybean meal boosts the growth of bacteria in the colon. These bacteria generate a large amount of smelly gas. 

What happens if my dog doesn’t burp?

This can result in bloat. Burping is one of the ways to remove the gas inside the stomach. If there’s no burping, then the gas won’t be able to come out. Thus, the stomach inflates.

Do dogs give hiccups?

It’s normal for dogs to give hiccups. Usually, hiccups last for minutes, and it is normal. If your dogs continue giving hiccups for hours, then take your Furby to a vet.