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Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited: 5 Reasons Behind It

Dogs are our best friends.

But sometimes they get out of our control.

For instance, your dog can bite you when he is excited. 

Why does my dog bite me when excited?

The dog can bite you for several reasons when he is excited. Dog gets confused and bites you out of instinct when he is too excited. Sometimes your dog bites only to channel his excess energy. He can also bite you to get your attention. Loving jaw wrestling is another reason for biting you.

These are the main reasons behind this bad habit. There are proper ways to mend it.

Kindly stay with us to know the causes and solutions for your query. 

Difference Between Biting & Nipping  

Before going to the next section, you should have clear concepts about biting and nipping. Though these terms sound similar, they are not the same at all. The term nipping refers to the friendly soft bitings of dogs.

Dogs jiggle their heads and do other movements when they are excited. Nipping is such an action of the dog.

While nipping, your dog gently bites you and makes a puncture wound on your skin. But biting the dog will use power. He will apply force to harm you physically.

Suppose your dog bites you now and then. But dogs biting in excitement, i.e. nipping, are often seen dogs. It can be controlled by giving proper training.

Let’s see some reasons behind nipping below!

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When Excited?

Dogs can bite you for several reasons. Below we will discuss the most common reasons to enlighten you.

Reason 1: Over-Excited 

Dogs get excited very quickly. Like humans, dogs can not think properly when super excited. But unlike humans, they don’t need much time to get too joyous. You can make a dog very happy with little effort.

Because of this, your dog can get more emotional than his brain can handle. The thinking capability goes above the dog’s threshold level. 

At that time, the brain stops functioning, and the dog gets confused. Then the dog starts acting according to his instincts.

Now the dog bites you gently or nips you. Your dog loses his capability to follow commands at this time. This situation can be frustrating. But you can control this behavior by using threshold-level training.

Reason 2: Channeling Excess Energy 

Like other wild animals, your dog is full of energy. Though dogs now live as our pets, they were once wild animals. They have a lot of energy that must be channelized somewhere. 

When the dog stays idle without doing physical activities, this energy gets stored in the body. He tries to find opportunities to spend this excess energy. And at that time, he can bite you under excitement. 

Reason 3: Loves Jaw Wrestling

Some breeds of dogs are very fond of jaw wrestling. You can observe that dogs bite each other playfully. They play this game entirely for pleasure. There is no intention of causing injuries behind jaw wrestling.

You can find out whether your dog loves jaw wrestling by checking his daily activities. He probably wants to wrestle if the dog bites you during his walk or playing time. He bites you at that time as you are his only friend.

Reason 4: Wants to Chew Something 

It is a common habit of dogs to chew something. Dogs chew blankets, bones, clothes, etc., in their idle time. They like to keep their mouth moving and working. When excited, this urge to chew increases more than ever.

Check if your dog has a chewing habit by giving him toys. As you are near the dog, he will want to use this opportunity. He would bite you softly to satisfy his chewing needs.

We have some suggestions for chewing toys for your dog. Check them out!


Give these toys to your dog to decrease his chewing habits. Get them for your dog!

Reason 5: To Get Attention 

Your furry friend is just like a human baby. He wants lots of attention. Dogs try to stay at the center of everything. Rolling on the back, wagging tails, and biting are just techniques for getting attention. 

The dog can become hungry for attention if you don’t spend enough time with him. He wants to get close to you when he gets excited about something. At that time, biting seemed to be the best way for the dog.

These are the main reasons why your dog bites you in excitement. Now we will discuss some methods of solving this problem. 

Ways to Prevent Dogs from Biting When Excited 

Though dogs mainly bite playfully in excitement, it can get dangerous. The dog can injure you severely. The situation can get more complicated if there are toddlers in the house. You need to stop the dog from this type of behavior. 

Here are some tips that might help you in this situation. Let’s take a look at them:

Tip 1: Stay Quiet 

Most people make the mistake of screaming at the dog. You have to remember that your dog is already excited. 

By shouting at him, you will make him more confused and afraid. The result of shouting can be harmful, and the dog might bite harder.

The best thing is to handle the matter quietly. Stay calm and behave gently with the dog. This will prevent him from being aggressive. Without acting well, you can not rectify the dog’s behavior.

Tip 2: Give Him Food 

It would help if you diverted his attention when the dog tried to bite you. The best way to do this is to give some treats. As dogs love food more, diverting attention won’t be hard.

Tip 3: Exercise 

Exercising is the best way of doing it. Take your dog for a walk. Play with him. Make sure that the dog gets to use all his energy. This will tire the dog, and he won’t bite you to use the excess energy.

Tip 4: Give Commands for Sitting in Tough Positions 

This is a beneficial method of controlling biting. Teach your dog to sit in different positions. Make him sit in the most challenging situations possible.

When the dog bites you being excited, command him to sit in a challenging position. This will compel him to concentrate in the sitting position and stop biting. These positions will control the dog’s emotions and divert his attention.

Try these methods to stop your dog from biting you. We hope that you will significantly be benefitted from our advice.


Why do dogs bite their owners for fun?

Dogs bite their owners because that is their instinct. Dogs show love and affection by biting others. The owner can rectify this behavior by adequately training the dog. 

Is it OK to play fight with your dog?

Yes, it is OK to play fight with your dog. Playing fight is natural for the dog and an excellent way to burn energy. But make sure the dog understands that you are playing. 

What breed of dog bites the most humans?

The breed of dog that bites most humans is a Pitbull. They consist of 22.5% of all biting incidents. After them, Mixed Breed and German Shepherd dogs bite the most.